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Moko Model Lu Yao’s Indecent Photos Leaked

Moko Top Girl Xu Ying (徐莹) has caused a huge wave on the Internet after her nude photos were exposed online. But the scandal about Moko seems no end. Recently a new set of indecent photos of another Moko model, called Lu Yao (路遥), has been widely circulated online. Lu Yao (路遥)'s Profile: Place of Birth: Beijing Profession: Model Star Sign: Cancer Height: 178 CM Three Measurements: 87 60 88 And here is an interesting comment about the incident from a
Chen Yifan’s Popularity Soars

Moko Model Chen Yifan (陈怡凡) landed on the controversial dating show "If You Are the One (非诚勿扰)", and becomes the topic on the Internet too after Ma Nuo (马诺), Ma Yimi (马伊咪), Yan Fengjiao (闫凤娇)... Chen Yifan is 24 years old, and graduated from Northumbria University in UK. She stands 171CM tall, with bust/wasit/hip measurements: 86/61/89CM. She had good performance in the several contests she attended. And she shot many ads photos for many brands too.
What messages do you want me to pass on to those guest women on the “If You Are The One”

What messages do you want me to pass on to those guest women on the "If You Are The One" We have talked too much about the controversial dating show of Jiangsu Satellite TV "If Your Are the One (非诚勿扰)". This is a dating show that challenges the traditional dating show, with 24 attractive guest women (who for sure were claimed to be all single) nitpicking every man who wants to find his lover from these
Zhang Wanyou Released a Statement on Yan Fengjiao’s Indecent Photos Scandal that Has Got Her Involved

Recently, netizens have been searching for the nude photos of Yan Fengjiao (闫凤娇) like mad, who was known for her lovely, sweet, and innocent appearance in the Jiangsu TV's dating show "If You Are the One (非诚勿扰)". Yan Fengjiao herself has published a statement saying that she was coerced into shooting these photos by a Taiwan businessman in 2009. However, a new set of her nude photos soon emerged too on the web. In these new
Bedroom Gate: Another Set of Sexually Explicit Photos

When we were concerning that too many sex and nude photo scandals have been rampant around the websphere after the Spring Festival, a new set of sexually explicit photos of a junior middle school student from Hong Kong widespread now online. The scandal (called "Bedroom Gate or 卧室门" by netizens) came only a few weeks after the sex video scandal Roof Gate, featuring a boy and a girl having sex on the school building's roof,
Moko Top Girl Xu Ying Responds to Her Nude Photos Gate

Model Xu Ying (徐莹)'s nude photos leaked were like a bomb hitting the Internet. There are totally 379 photos and netizens have been seeking for the download address frantically. (Read the old story here.) It is alleged that these nude photos were taken when she was on trip with her boyfriend. After these photos were exposed, many netizens claimed it was a publicity stunt she orchestrated. And Xu Ying herself gained instant fame overnight too. Recently
Moko Top Girl Xu Ying (徐莹)’s Nude Photos Exposed

Model Xu Ying (徐莹), known as one of Top Girls at Moko (a popular platform to showcase models in China), was now marred, after a batch of her nude photos she took before were exposed online. The netizens were overwhelmed with these runaway photos, as yesterday they just saw a set of 28 nude photos featuring a female teacher from a Hubei elementary school. You can find some of her photos as a professional Moko